Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Dining Room Built-ins

When we bought out house, we knew that the dining room was small but as the family grew, we realized we would have to do something. Now, we use our dining room almost every week for family dinners and of course for holidays, etc. 

 So, I came up with a plan to take 1 foot of space from the width of the dining room and install built ins. My son helped me to install upper cabinets as a base and we added a really nice piece of plywood, routed with a nice edge. I stained it and added polyurethane to create a nice piece of finish. 

On one side of the built ins, we added shelves so I could add seasonal display of my dishes. It also balance the room better. 

On the other side, we added three more uppers to give plenty of storage. 

The built ins allowed me to eliminate the china cabinet and gave me more storage for all the pretty dishes, flatware, etc. 

 This table expands to 10 feet to sit the entire family. We still have to accommodate friends at the holidays but it is so much better.

Decorated for spring

And for Fall

Here are the shelves decorated for Christmas. 

The entire project cost about $600, much cheaper than a nice china cabinet and took up so much less space. 

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