Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fall Clean up

The fall is busier in the garden, I think, than the spring time. We plant bushes, perennials and trees in the fall, rather than the spring. The plants have a better chance to survive and flourish rather than the spring with the prospect of a hot summer and constant watering. 

The summer garden has been cleared and I will plant some lettuce, spinach and arugula for the fall. I am transitioning the vegetable garden to a flower garden so later this month or beginning of October, I will plant tulip and daffodil bulbs, anemone and ranculus for next spring. 

The lawn will be aerated, fed and new grass seed will be planted in the next week. We plant grass seed in the fall in the south to avoid a summer of watering if you plant it in the spring. 

I started trimming bushes, the apple espalier trees and pruning the trees. This step gives them a chance to harden up a little before the cold weather sets in. 

I have several perennials that need dividing and will share them with either my daughter or a neighbor. My viburnum has several babies and I will dig them up to share. 

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