Wednesday, September 05, 2018

A Carnival Birthday Party

My grandson’s and granddaughter’s birthdays are four years and one week apart. The grandson is turning 5 and the granddaughter is turning one. So when my daughter and I started discussing party themes, we had to come up with a theme that would be fun for the older one and still be appropriate for the younger one. So the Carnival or Circus idea was born. 

First, I will warn you that this post is filled with a lot of photos but the cuteness is worth all the photos…. 

Start with the perfect spot in the park. We reserved it in January to make sure we would have it for Labor Day weekend. My daughter and I made the balloon garland and transported it, via a Uhaul. We also covered the tables in 40 yards of red and white striped satiny fabric. Helium balloons centerpieces for the table. 

The park site had a beautiful lake surrounding the venue and I made bags of duck food for the children to feed the ducks. 

I also had clown noses for all the guests. 

Next, the childrens’ outfits, I had the t shirt made for the grandson. I did not smock the dress but did order it with her hat. 

We had fun finding carnival items and foods... peanuts and popcorn
Hamburgers, hot dogs, soft pretzels, 
 cracker jacks and animal crackers. 

We brought our popcorn machine.. but I rented a Cotton Candy and a Snow Cone machine. 

We had Circus Sugar Cookies made by this fabulous Etsy store. She did such a good job. 

And of course a giant giraffe

With a bright red nose. 

The cakes were also carnival themed. The little smash cake for the granddaughter. 

Which you can tell she enjoyed. 

And the bigger version for the grandson. 

Baby and brother kisses

And her trying to touch him with the cake. 

I love making them happy. 

Especially the whole family!! What a joyous time!

No you were the cutest!! 

Thank you for getting to the end of the long post but too much cuteness to go around. 

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