Monday, August 13, 2018

Tool of the Month

Well Stocked Tool Bench Series: Part 1 Cordless Drill

Today, I want to start a new series. As a woman, I never had tools until about 20 years ago. Hubby was working out of town and had very little time to fix anything when he was home for the weekend. So I set out on a journey to learn how to fix and build things myself. It is also the time when I started working in the yard rather than asking him. 

So how do you build a tool box that allows you to perform basic things and bigger things down the road. Where to start? 

Let’s look at the basics. 

1.     Philips head screw drivers
2.    Flat head screw drivers
3.    Hammer

That is the basic things you need to start. 

But I want to build a bigger tool box adding one tool a month. This month, we are going to look at cordless drills. A cordless drill will allow you to build simple things. 

You can find one for relatively inexpensive. 

Or a more expensive one. The more expensive one comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

Both will come with batteries to recharge them. 

A cordless drill is an invaluable addition to any tool bag. You should also purchase some simple drill bits. 

I built these tudeurs with a cordless drill. After the wood was cut to specifications, I drilled holes to add the screws in and then screwed them in with the cordless drill. 

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