Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fall Planning

Fall is right around the corner and I start changing my fall décor after Labor Day. Fall feels like the rest of the year just speeds up and goes at breakneck pace. The holidays will be here before you know it. So careful planning is essential to make sure everything gets done. 


When it comes to the fall, I am as busy in the garden as in the spring. Dividing perennials, planting bulbs, fall vegetable planting, etc. 

1.     Divide the perennials
2.    New grass seed
3.    Plant bushes
4.    Trim bushes
5.    Plant fall vegetables
6.    Plant bulbs
7.    Move the tender plants into the greenhouse. 


I also need to plan my fall decorating as I like to switch it up a little every year. This year, I am going to add more black and white to my blue pumpkin themes. 

Crafting and Sewing

I have two or three Halloween costumes to make. I need to finish them before the end of September. We are going on a fun trip this fall and I won’t have time in October. 


I start putting together Christmas cookies together for the freezer My first cookie baking session starts in the middle of September. 

I also have three cooking classes in the next three months. 

         September 18thThe Essentials of Tailgating
         October      Halloween Treats
         November    Sides and Pies


We have fun adventures planned for the grandchildren this fall; Dollywood, pumpkin patch, train rides and a big trip for fall break. 

How is your fall planning going? What fun adventures do you have planned? 

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