Monday, August 06, 2018

Back to School Ideas

This week the grandson goes back to school. He is so sweet and I am excited for him to have a good school year. So to help him get on the right step, we have come up with several ideas.

1.     A friend asked for prayers, a book and special notes for her students during this school year. I signed up and ordered a book for her student and the same one for the grandson. He and I wrote notes to the student and prayed for her or him. 

2.    I made these Rice Krispie apples for his afterschool snacks. 

3.    The grandson and I put together a teacher gift basket with a cute plant, some gift cards and a special note to pray for her this year.

4.    On Friday, I will have a little special party for the grandson to celebrate his first week of school. Complete with a slip and slide, ice cream and a movie outside. 

5. I have a bento box and make some fun lunches for him to take to school. 

Next year, I will have two grandsons starting school and I will really have to step up my game. 

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