Wednesday, August 01, 2018

August Garden Chores

August is the toughest month in the garden. It is hot, the plants look tired, the produce is dwindling or I wish it was dwindling. But looking forward to fall and the plans for next spring.

So what am I doing this month?

  •          Sprinkle compost starter to help build up soil
  •          Prune my summer blooming shrubs after flowers finish blooming, like hydrageneas.   
  •          Planting cool weather herbs for the greenhouse and garden; cilantro, parsley and dill. 
  •      Planning perennials and bulbs for the fall planting. 
  •      Planting lettuces, kale, arugula and spinach seeds in my raised beds for fall harvest. I might plant carrots. 
  •      Removing tired flowers from pots and repotting them with some fall favorites, asters or mums. Maybe some snapdragons. 

The other chore will be looking at perennials to decide what I am going to divide next month and if I need more perennials. Where do I need to add things, etc. 

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