Thursday, January 08, 2015

My New Fabric Storage.

I always had my fabric stacked neatly on shelves but recently I have been doing a little machine embroidery. The amount of fabric used for most projects is less than a quarter of a yard. 

This small amount of fabric would get lost on a shelf. So I wanted to come up with a way to store fabric that can be easily seen. 


After some thought and research, I decided to find an old crib. Painted with Annie Sloan Old White and use brackets to move it away from the wall enough to store fabric. 

I love it and it is so easy to see all the fabric I might need. It also limits the amount of fabric I will buy. My goal is only to buy enough fabric for a project I need in the next two weeks. 

This room is getting paint this summer. I think the color in the room is dreary. I am going to find a pretty blue to brighten it up. The brackets will be painted to match the wall.

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  1. This is Scathingly BRILLIANT! I am so borrowing this idea.


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