Monday, January 05, 2015

January and Menu Week Ending 1.11.15

January can be a depressing month. My home without Christmas decorations seems a little bare. I look at January as a month of opportunities. Yard work is done until March so weekends can be filled with home projects. My children gave me a table saw for Christmas so think of all the possibilities. 

I also have two weeks until school starts so I have to wrap up some projects and will start organizing the garage. Very exciting. The boys gave me a tutorial on the table saw. It is a beautiful thing. 

This week, I am painting the lower third of the dining room in anticipation of the built-ins we are working on in February. I’m also stripping down the other chair to re-upholster and paint. This weekend, we are working on the garage so this week, I am prepping all the areas and purchasing organizing stuff for the garage. 

In addition, this week’s menu is about flavor. After the richness of the holiday meals, we need some flavorful comfort food.

Black Bean Soup
Beer Bread


Spaghetti and Meatballs
Cesar Salad
Garlic Knots


Out to Dinner with Family


Chicken Picatta
Lemon Alfredo
Garden Salad with Homemade Ranch


Ham and Swiss Panini
Sweet Potato Fries


Herb Souffle
Roasted Potatoes


Glazed Ham
Egg Muffins
Assorted Fruits

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