Monday, December 08, 2014

Open House and Menu Week ending December 14th.

 I have finally found my open house invite. Ordered and printed it. We always have a special time with friends and family. Exchanging gifts, food, fellowship and a little wine. My family heads to church at 5, while I make the final preparations. I love the midnight service so I will head to church after the party. Little ones have made the early service necessary. My favorite part is the church bells ringing in Christmas at midnight, while we sing “Silent Night.” I cry like a baby every year; remembering loved ones that are no longer here and wondering how many more years we will all have together. It always makes me sad and sweetly happy at the same time. I relish every day I have with my friends and family.

Christmas is unpacked and put up. Love the simpler look than having everything out. Still have some greenery to put out and ribbons to add. My last project will be a sleigh bell garland. Simple twine and bells. 

Hubby is out of town so I am packing this week with dishes that he is not so crazy about but also are a little lighter. What's on your menu?


Crab Bisque
Garden Salad


Chicken Picatta
Lemon Pasta
Sautéed Green Beans


Crunchy Noodle Salad


Herb Soufflé


Out to Dinner with Family




Baked Eggnog French Toast

Coffee Cake

Assorted Fruit

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