Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chili Bar

One of the best dishes in the fall and winter is chili. So for a fun treat, I thought why not set up a chili bar and take our traditional pre-Thanksgiving dinner to the next level. 

Chili freeze beautifully so you can make it in advance and heat it up for dinner. I am making white chili, mild and hot chili for a variety. 

The table is set for Thanksgiving, so everyone gets a bowl and finds a place to sit and chat. We also light a fire outside and use patio heaters.


Set up a burlap runner and some mums.

 Pull together all the gourds and pumpkins around the house. 

Arrange all the toppings for the chili on pretty plates. 

I have two dishwashers and use bowls but you could use disposable bowls, why not, your chili bar is so pretty, no one will care. 

I am using these cute wooden spoons. 

You may be inspired to invite neighbors and friends. 

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  1. My husband makes the best chili! A cold front came through last night and we finally have chili weather. Yahoo!

    I love the way you dolled up your chili bar. You make everything pretty and special.


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