Thursday, October 02, 2014

Weathered Shutters and Cotton Ball Wreaths

One of the items I wanted to add in the living room remodel was weathered shutters. At a yard sale several months ago, I can across these shutters for $5. Jack pot. I actually think these are swing doors, like a saloon… but how pretty are the curves of the shutters? 


I wanted something on the wall to highlight the molding but also to make the cow painting stand out. The shutters also tie the curtains to this wall. I wish I had taken this same picture with the shutters and the curtains... dang it.

I painted them with Miss Mustard Seed milk paint, Boxwood. Milk paint is way different than chalk paint. You mix the paint from a powder. The paint then has a wide variation in coloring. Boxwood went from a blueish green to a yellowish green. Exactly the effect I wanted on the shutters. They needed to look old and weathered, the paint gave me that effect. 

In addition, the shutters are a wonderful backdrop to items I plan on using in this room; wreaths, plates, etc. For this fall, I decided to make two cotton ball wreaths. Carefully gluing cotton balls to the grapevine wreath and adding big burlap bows. 

I love the look for the fall. I still need something on either side of the painting. Ironwork or sconces. I will find it but it still needs something. 

P.S. My other chair is still missing… I painted it yesterday, hopefully it will be back next week.

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