Thursday, October 16, 2014

Taking Christmas by the horn and taming it. Or how I designed Christmas!

A friend on Facebook posted that on this Friday, there are 10 Fridays until Christmas. Are you kidding me? That seems so close. It has been well documented that I am a planner but 10 Fridays can start a panic around here. 

 Last Christmas I had an epiphany. I have been hanging on to Christmas items purchased, gifted and found that I didn’t necessarily love. Also I had many different styles of Christmas items; mercury items, snowmen, cute red and green funky stuff, Santa stuff… I mean my Christmas hit every trend in the last 20 years. I decided to design Christmas this year. 

One theme throughout all the house. Using Pinterest as an inspiration, I went to my Christmas board and see the photos I had pinned and go from there. 

It seems that I was drawn to a red and white striped with burlap. Lots of holly and berries. Grain sack with red running through. 


My theme for this year was in Pinterest!!! 

With my theme in hand…. I tackled my other Christmas items 


1.    Edit to get those items down to the ones I really love. I donated all the items that I had been hanging on to but didn’t really love.

2.    Pack all the like items together and catalogue them. All my snowmen are together, etc.

3.    Pack those boxes in storage with the items I need for this year easily accessible.

4.   I shopped after Christmas sales to add some items that fit my theme for this year. Mainly ribbon, evergreens, burlap stockings and some red and white buffalo checked pillows. I benefited from a shopping list and my theme ideas. No longer did I wonder Target after Christmas sales buying things randomly.

5.    With a blank sheet of paper, I drew (as best I could) how I wanted the rooms to look. What garland goes where, etc. 

I may never use those snowmen. I may design Christmas next year around them. But no longer is the holiday going to be dictated by an After Christmas sale item I bought 15 years ago!!!


  1. Wonderful idea. I have so much junk from Christmas past that I used to use and it's going to SA or GW. I like all the items that you pinned. I think it will look terrific! Love the buffalo check fabric. I decorate until I am exhausted and then I don't enjoy it.
    This year will be the first year that I will not be decorating trees for hotels and I am looking forward to enjoying the holiday season.
    Looking forward to seeing your decorated home for Christmas.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I just love that red & white bedding! I sort of did the same thing, sketched out how I'm going to decorate the mantel & nook around the fireplace. Now it's just a matter of finding the trees I want, at a reasonable price.
    My goal is to empty one tub a year and try not to buy too much new stuff. Your post has inspired me to look through it all again and bless someone else with some of the stuff I just keeping packing away.


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