Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The H word and Menu Ending October 5th

September is coming to a close and October is almost here. When October rolls in, I take some time to get ready for the ….. holidays…… Yes, the dreaded H word. I know it is only September. I hate any decorations or  music before Thanksgiving but I am a planner and cannot wait for the last minute. So this week, I am putting paper to pen and start making my lists- who is naughty and nice, parties, invites, decorations, costumes, Christmas card, pajamas, and menus. 

Also, I am working down my Fall chore list to get the outside ready for the winter. The garden is winding down but mostly, I am planting this week; grass, perennials and pansies. All the windows, storm windows and screens have been washed and the outside of the house is ready for winter. The pool is half-way closed. 

The living room and bedroom are almost finished. It has taken me way longer to finish these projects than I anticipated. I am sewing the dust ruffle and painting the chair for re-upholstery. 

Lastly, I am painting all the bigger pumpkins I have for decorations. No more orange.... They are getting a couple of layers of paint to make them look more "real". I can't wait to share them with you... but here is a preview with the first coat. 


Red Beans and Rice
Garden Salad



Turkey Apple and Brie Wrap
Sweet Potato Fries


Out to dinner with Family


Garlic Roasted Chicken
Mash Potatoes
Spinach Au Gratin


Chipotle Lime Chicken Nachoes
With guacamole
Re fried Beans with Monterrey Jack Cheese

Sunday Brunch –

Toads in the Hole
Homemade Cake Doughnuts


  1. You have helped me to understand why all the overlapping holiday decorations in the stores don't bother me while it seems to really upset others; I'm a planner, too. There is so much I want to get done for the holidays, especially Christmas, and seeing all the decorations in the stores sparks the creative juices so that I can get everything ready, completed & prepped when December rolls around. This year especially, I'm planning on filling my free time with lots of fun Christmas activities. Having all the shopping done before hand will allow me plenty of time for all the fun stuff.

  2. I have no idea what the details are of 'closing down the pool' my husband does that chore...but I am curious now, what 'half-way closed' IS? :)
    I am cleaning up around the grounds, prepping the coop, and clearing the garden boxes. I've not planted a single thing for a fall garden-- wondering if a mild winter is in our future (Texas) ...
    Your menus ALWAYS look delicious. We eat Toads in a Hole...but we call them A Bird in a Nest! ... I've heard them called lots of different things.
    Lastly, painting your pumpkins green-- made me think of Alice in Wonderland... painting the Roses Red... now I've got that song stuck in my head.
    oh well,
    have a great week!


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