Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Five Things Blogging has taught me

I have been blogging for 7 years. Blogging about cooking, sewing, baking, gardening, family and home-making. 1207 posts. 
My audience is small but the purpose of blogging is not only teaching, I am a professor after all but the discipline of blogging and the community in the blogging world have taught me many lessons but I am going to pick out my top five lessons:

1.    My home is my palette. I never thought of myself as an artist but through blogging, I now think of my home as a blank canvas that I design, whether it is decorating or tablescaping or holiday decorating or party planning. I spend time designing the end results. A sketchpad and colored pencils help focus my decorating and take the process to a level that I had not achieved before.

2.  Blogging require discipline. It is impossible to blog 4 to 5 days a week and be unfocused. The idea of sitting down and writing daily, weekly or monthly requires discipline. I get up at 5 AM every morning to write and plan before the day starts. Homemaking also requires the same discipline. A daily effort to keep a house, garden and family clean, fed, weeded and well-loved is also necessary. My home has never been more organized, better decorated, clean and orderly. My menus are full of exciting meals and the yard has never looked better. Now that does not mean that my house is perfect… far from it but if I hadn’t been blogging, I don’t think I would have been as focused.


3.  My style was not my “real” style. When I started blogging, I thought my style was formal and classic. Cherry furniture, oriental rugs, you know English Country or French Country… turns out I was completely wrong. I love rustic, not too chippy, ironstone, cows and a little elegant. Slowly I have been transitioning my home to more my style and less what I thought was expected to be my style. More me… Funny, my husband asked me what is going on? Deer antlers, a cow head, cotton wreaths… he wanted to know had I finally thrown aside my Yankee roots and became a full-fledged Southerner!!

4.  People appreciate the effort. When you spend extra time to wrap a present, set a tablescape, send a Christmas card you design or have a well-planned party, people or family appreciate the extra effort. Too many times I had rushed to throw something together but now I know that the extra effort sends the message that you care very much about the person. Everyone is busy and the extra time you spent really says you care.


5.  Editing is an important process. To edit the blog, I re-read the articles I write to eliminate any fluff and make sure that I am communicating effectively. Through the last seven years, I have learned that editing my home and life is also an important process. Do the things in my home bring me joy? Do the people in my life bring me joy? If not, I eliminate the fluff, the person, the process, or the item. It is important to make sure that you are fully enjoying your home, friends and any organization you belong to  



  1. This is all so true, Cynthia. You do show more discipline than anybody I know. You always inspire me to do more and better!

  2. I think I must be a remedial learner. :/ I've been blogging about this same amount of time...and I still struggle with day to day things in home and balancing it with blogging. I often have the hardest time conveying what I'm trying to say ON. THE. BLOG.
    If I could post a blog from my comments that I leave... I could get my meaning across better.
    I think I'm a conversationalist. But not much of writer.
    I am definitely a practical person; and the top thing on my list of things learned while blogging would be... when photographing your decoupaged bathroom floor, for all the world to see... make sure the lid on the toilet is down. ;)

    You are a very accomplished woman.


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