Thursday, September 04, 2014

Living Room Curtains

When planning the living room remodel, I knew that the 15 year old curtains would need updating. The curtains were beautiful but it was time for them to go. The new curtains would need to be timeless and adaptable to any changes in the living room. By adaptable, I mean look good at Christmas or if I decided to change the living room colors. I also knew that I am not making another set of pinch pleat drapes, any time soon. 

So after months of thought and searching every corner of the internet and Pinterest, I settled on this beautiful buffalo check at Calico Corner. I purchased several samples to verify that this was the fabric. 

Then I waited for the fabric to go on sale… 21 yards of fabric and I needed a sale. 

Start by sewing the panels together of both the drapery fabric and the lining, making sure to match the pattern of the fabric. 

Next, lay out the drapery and lining fabric, with wrong sides together. Make sure the baby is not helping. A terrible picture but funny!


I pin the top heading of 5 inches, the side hems of 2 inches each and the bottom hem of 7 inches deep. Sew the sides and the top heading on the machine. 

I hand sew the bottom hem. 

 The best way to make pinch pleat drapes is to use pinch pleat tape. This tape, after sewn on the fabric, is designed to make the pinch pleats when you pull the string. And hand tack the pleats in place. Add your hooks and hang…

After a couple of weeks, close the curtain and run your hand down each pleat to hand press the fold.. then close the curtain and the curtain should be perfect. I raised up the hooks to make them the perfect length.

 I love the fabric and color. Can’t wait for Christmas to see how it will look with the house decorated for Christmas.


  1. They are beautiful, Cynthia! Just can't get enough buffalo checks...ever!

  2. Hi Cynthia, can I have your email please? Thanks.


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