Thursday, August 14, 2014

Living room update

Here is a preview of the living room. I have finished painting the walls and sewing curtains. Everything needs a good ironing but I needed to hang these curtains and see if they looked good. It is a little nerve wracking to sew curtains and make sure the length is correct. 

 I think the curtains are a half an inch too long. But they are gorgeous. Perfect. 


My $35 antique coffee table with new glass. 

So what still needs to be finished? 

The built – ins
A new chair
Paint table 

My new cow head  needs a fall wreath around her neck...

Reupholster three chairs, but I love the picture frame molding... $133 made a huge difference to the room.

Reupholster the sofa

Purchase a new chair.

Add d├ęcor. 

Build cornice above the curtains.
It looks great but not yet where I want it.

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  1. Cynthia, it's so pretty! I love the fabric you chose for the curtains. I agree that the molding is a great addition too. You always pull it together so well. Maybe you should help me with my master bedroom. I want to change it but have no vision right now. I'm searching my Pinterest boards and some of my favorite old magazines to find the images that make my heart pound. :)


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