Thursday, July 31, 2014

Living Room Built-ins

After living in this house for many years, this space had several issues. 

1.     Not enough seating
2.    Lacking coziness
3.    No storage
4.    No character

Given those criteria, I spent a long time trying to meet those goals.
The fireplace in this room sticks out 32 inches. I cannot change that but it provides an opportunity to use kitchen base cabinets to build in storage. 

The space is 98 inches wide so we used three unfinished base cabinets; 2 30 inch and 1 36 inch cabinet. Level the cabinets and secure into studs.

It looks good so far, ignore the plywood holding up the TV. We will add full shelves, to the ceiling and  enough trim to make it look built in.


A great start to this project. 

And this week, I found a soup tureen at William Sonoma for $29. Doesn't it look pretty?



  1. Looks delightful! Process and progress! xo

  2. The cabinets look great! Can't wait to see them when its finished...Have a great weekend :-)


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