Monday, June 30, 2014

Goals and Week Ending July 6th

The bridal shower was a big hit… we are so happy for the beautiful bride to be and her friends had a wonderful time. My daughter did a fantastic job helping organize games and a fun time for everyone. But now we shift to the Fourth of July. 

We are having a big Neighborhood Fourth of July party and I am hosting the swimming portion of the party. Food, fun and fellowship with friends and neighbors are so much a part of this holiday. 

My living room is painted and ready for the pretty additions. This week, I am starting to make the built-ins. My fabric for the 14 foot window is in too and the curtains are on my sewing table. I hope to get to them this week. 

Lastly, I am working through the house and getting organized... not only labeling what needs labeling but really looking at what we have and say, do we love it? Does it bring value to my life? I am working to keep only what I love.



Orzo Pasta Salad
Garlic Breadsticks


Ham and Turkey Honey Mustard Bagels
Homemade Potato Chips
Tomato Caprese Salad


Steak Fajitas
Re fried Beans
Spanish Rice


Out with family

Friday – Fourth of July

BBQ Ribs
Grilled Hamburgers and Hot Dots
Potato Salad
Chips and Dip
Cooler Corn
Deviled Eggs
Bacon Wrapped Wienies
Jalapeno Poppers
Watermelon Fruit Salad
Blueberry Pie
Peach Pie
Homemade Ice Cream


Sunday Brunch

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
BLT  and Fried Egg Sandwich
Fruit Salad

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