Monday, May 05, 2014

Menu and Goals Week Ending May 11th

 Oh dear, what a semester. This week is the last week of the semester and I am really feeling it. With the babysitting duties, husband moving duties and yard work… I need a PJ day!!! I am thinking next Friday! And boy do I need it. For those of you who don’t know, PJ Day is a day that you stay in your pj’s, read magazines, nap, rest and perform any beauty ritual you want…. Mud masks, hair conditioner.. etc. We all work too hard and we need a PJ day at least twice a year. For myself, the day provides an opportunity to dream, think and recharge my creative abilities.

On another note, the Living Room project starts this week. I am moving furniture, removing curtains and ordering materials. We are adding molding and I will start to draw out the molding. My son and I are going to attempt built ins for the wall between the fireplace and the edge of the living room. I am very excited to start as it will give us much needed storage in the living room.

Lastly, this summer, I am on a mission to clean out my house. Get rid of unwanted or unused items. Purge and re-organize. I have accumulated way too much stuff that we don’t use and if we aren’t going to use it, then we need to give it away. Every day this summer, I am focusing on removing items. This week is finding things in rooms and donating them.


Grilled Flank Steak
Baked Potatoes
Cesar Salad


Chef Salad
Corn Fritters


Tuna Melts
Homemade Potato Chips
Caprese Salad


Out with family


Honey Chipolte Ribs
Macaroni and Cheese
Cesar Salad

Chocolate Cake


BLT Pizza
Spinach Artichoke Dip with Homemade Pita Chips

Sunday Brunch ( Mother’s Day )

Grilled Steak
Boursin Scrambled Eggs
Hash Browns
Assorted Fruit
Cinnamon Rolls

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  1. Your menus are always so inpsiring and delicious looking! A few years ago a read a great book on decluttering (unfortunately I lent it to someone and never got it back and I can't remember the exact title). One of the author's suggestions was to look at the decluttering process as if you were moving, what woud you take with you and what would you give away. She went further to say, what if you were moving to another country and had to fit everything into a shipping container, what would you be willing to pay to move?
    Happy Mother's Day!


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