Thursday, April 10, 2014

The New Garden Beds

We have built new beds this year for the garden. Let’s see what the garden looks like!!

Enter the side gate.

Three more beds need to be planted. Before I will dress the beds with a nice layer of compost, I need to finish up weeding.

Eggplant with red lettuce in the bed. Every bed has arugula, kale or various assorted lettuce. We can only grow lettuce for another month and a half.

The raised beds are an experiment. I love how they look in the garden but I love the idea of not weeding Bermuda grass for five hours a week. 


I bought the plans here and will keep you posted about how the herbs grow. Melanie @ Raised Urban Gardens grows everything in her raised beds except for carrots. She lives in Texas and we both have exactly the same amount of rainfall during the year. I plan on painting them to match the house... yeah I am weird like that. 

Love my bottle tree, even if my hubby thinks it is red neck.

I still have lots to do in the garden, doesn’t everyone? But it is starting to look pretty.

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  1. You are such a workhorse! I love your bottle tree too.


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