Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Secret Trick to a Week of Great Salads

We love to have some type of salad every night with dinner or I love to make a small salad for lunch. When the bagged salads came out, I was thrilled, no more whipping up salads for the family. Just rip it open and off we go.

But the bagged salads can be full of things we didn’t want. I mean if the rabbits won’t eat that lettuce, why should we.

Well, when I bought the glass door refrigerator, I finally had the room to make salads ahead of time and serve more interesting salads to my family.

So how do you prepare a week’s worth of salad for the family.

Grocery shopping for me is always on Thursday, the first thing I do after I unload all the groceries is to wash all the produce. The lettuce needs to dry thoroughly otherwise it will not last a week but turn brown fairly quickly. I let the lettuce sit in my strainer for several hours but a salad spinner would really be helpful but I don’t need any more gadgets in my kitchen. 

All the lettuce gets chopped and added to the container.


I use this plastic container from a restaurant supply store. It is large and allows everyone to see what is inside. 

This plastic container lined with paper towels is great but if you cannot fit something this big in the fridge, a Ziploc bag would and add all the lettuce or spinach to the container. Sometimes, I make my own spring mix and add arugula. 

Next, I chop any extras for the salad, such as celery, cucumber, carrots, etc. and place them in Ziploc bags. Everything that is except tomatoes. I always wait to the last minute to chop tomatoes. 


And add the bags on top of the salad greens. 

So If we want a salad, we pull out the container and pick out the items we want on the salad. It makes it so convenient and I know that the items are fresh!!

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  1. I do this sometimes too - not every week though. We love it! It's so much more convenient and ensures that the veggies get eaten.


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