Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Soup for a Friend

What could be better for a Valentine’s Day then sharing your gifts with a friend?

My elderly neighbor fell and broke her hip. Her sweet daughter, who lives with her, works and takes such good of her. I wanted to do something special for both of them so last week I had a marathon soup making day, I made several soups for them to heat up during the week, or freeze for later. 


Packaged in these glass mason jars, they are not only practical and attractive. I hope my dear sweet friend will get better and the soup will help them heal. 

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  1. Soup is my favorite thing to take to those that are sick or injured. I usually bring it in mason jars, but your tags and fabric make it super special. Joni

  2. Such a great idea. I need to do this and take to my in-laws. I've taken pots of soup before but this would be easier for them.


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