Monday, February 17, 2014

My Weekly To Do list and Menu ending February 23rd

My winter break from gardening is almost over. I have started to plan the vegetable garden and ordering perennials soon. This week, roses are going to be pruned and beds need some cleaning. So the long work begins this weekend. I am looking forward to it. We will see if I still love it 9 months from now. It is a long season. 

I have started the boys Easter outfits and need to start the baby’s after christening outfit. We are hoping to have the baptism in mid-March. Then menu is planned but the minister has been in Africa for a month so we are waiting on his approval of the date… Nerve wracking. 

I am not decorating for Easter.. a little too early but I have ordered basket liners from Pottery Barn. So I am starting Easter basket shopping.
Lastly, my classes were cancelled two days last week. It is hard to make up classes in college so this week is jamming in as much material as possible. Poor students!! Have a heart- spring break is three weeks away. 

What’s on your menu?



Grilled Chicken Pita with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber
With a Dill Sour Cream sauce
Curly fries



Chili with all the Sides
Green Onions
Cheddar Cheese



Oriental Pork Broccoli Salad
With Bacon, Sauteed Ramen Noodles and Pecans


Out with family


BBQ Ribs
Mashed Potatoes
Cole Slaw


Southern Fried Chicken Tenders
Red Beans and Rice
Leftover Cole Slaw
Buttermilk Biscuits

Sunday Brunch

Glazed Ham
Boursin Egg Scrambled Eggs
Hash Browns
Assorted Fruits

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