Monday, February 03, 2014

Goals and Week Ending February 9th

With the snow last week, I am completely behind in both my classes and projects. We had two snow days which was great!!! Absolutely great!!! But I needed some supplies and could not get out. I did get some cleaning done but not any projects. That being said, I am working hard this week to catch up. Stripping the bedroom of all the furniture and starting on the walls, sanding, painting and new wainscoting.

Now the students love the break from school but they hate the added work to keep up with the missed days. At least I can put lectures online for them.

Lastly, I am going to rant for a minute. In blogland, I have started to notice that everyone is ready for spring and talking about what to do for spring. Each season should be celebrated for the beautiful time it is. Winter is important to me for several reasons.

1.    I get a break from outside work. From March to November, I spend at least 5 hours a week working in the yard. Most weeks, I spend way more than that time.
2.    Winter is a time of rest for the plants too. They need time to hibernate and refresh.
3.    When do you get to act like a kid? Sled, sleep late with snow days, make snow men ?
4.   If every day was spring, you would not appreciate it. Winter allows you time to realize how beautiful the spring really is.

I cannot spend my life wishing for the next season. Enjoy each day and each season as it comes. Spring will be here soon enough. That being said, I am having a fun day on Saturday... a summer picnic to give the kids a laugh. Summer plates, tablecloth, and food to remind them of summer. 


Lemon Alfredo
Cesar Salad
Garlic Breadsticks


Pulled Pork BBQ
Homemade Chips


Breakfast for Dinner
Texas French Toast
Sausage Burritos


Out with family


Slow Cooker Tequilla Chicken Nachos
Cinnamon Sugar Churros


Wishing for Summer:

Corn Dogs
Potato Salad
Devilled Eggs
Watermelon Feta Salad

Sunday Brunch

Eggs Benedict
Cheese Grits
Raspberry Almond Cake

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