Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Miss Mustard Seed has an awesome blog and sells some awesome milk paint, which I am taking a class next Thursday demonstrating her paint techniques. In her dining room, she has a painting of this cow, Eulalie. I have adored this cow for several years. Whenever the kids or my husband ask what I want for a birthday or Christmas, I would say Eulalie. Well this Christmas, the children and grandchildren got together and purchased the canvas for me. 

She is way too high and I hate the pussy willows in her face but... 

She is beautiful, the most beautiful eyes and nose. I really love her. The artist sent my daughter all the instructions and she took great care in making this giclee print. I had her stretched but not framed. Her permanent spot has not been decided. So far, she has been in the living room, dining room and the kitchen. 

We are going through a remodel of the living room this summer and I think she may end up there and then I will frame her. 

But for now, she sits in the living room… where I can see her.


  1. She is a beauty! I like her where she is ... her little touches of pink look great in your house.

  2. She looks like she has a good story behind her... like she rest while the children run wild :) Very pretty!


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