Wednesday, February 05, 2014

A Hot Chocolate Bar

You know that Southerners cannot tolerate slightly cold weather. We whine and cry if the weather goes to the 40’s. However, I have heard Northerner’s cry and complain if the heat rises to the 90’s, while we pour ourselves another glass of Ice Tea and laugh!!!

A buffet filled with goodies for your hot chocolate....

Anyway, with the cold weather this month, I set up a hot chocolate bar for the kids and grandchildren…. I wish I could say they had been ice skating 

but they were outside running around for several hours and needed a nice warm drink to make the. I made the hot chocolate and filled a thermos with the hot liquid! 

Giant marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and topped with sprinkles  

I used brown paper with a big magic marker to identify the treats.

Coffee filters filled with candy to either eat or put in your hot chocolate...

I love hot chocolate with red hots... spicy and sweet.

Homemade Marshmallows I saved from Christmas to use....

Homemade shortbread cookies to eat.... they remind me of girl scout cookies. 

I love dipped chocolate pretzels and use them as stirs.

I hope you enjoyed my hot chocolate bar... 

More importantly, I hope the family enjoyed the hot chocolate!!!


  1. It all looks so pretty and yummy, and I just LOVE the brown paper as a tablecloth. I'm going to totally rip off your idea one of these days, haha! That's just awesome. I'd love it if you'd join my link party sometime, you're so creative! Tue-Fri weekly at We Call It, for anything home-related. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  2. I love this!! l love your idea of brown paper marked up to show what things are, and your plaid thermos. Your children and grandchildren are blessed to have you.

  3. I could use a hot treat right now….I central NY we have snowbanks as tall as I am! The sun is shining but it is only 12' outside! I love your idea of using brown paper and writing on it…I will remember that idea!

  4. A hot chocolate bar sounds very good to me this morning as it is a cold one. All the touches you have added make it a very playful adventure.

  5. Such a pretty hot chocolate bar! I love the giant marshmallows dipped and that you put them in pretty cupcake cups. I also love your presentation of the cookies.
    I set one up for Christmas Eve and had a request to leave it up all season. It is on a short little table and the kiddies just love helping themselves. My 18 month old just helps herself to toppings!

  6. I love your hot chocolate bar. What a fun treat for the kiddies, well for all! The giant marshmallows dipped are so fun and cute. Joni

  7. This is such a good idea. And it is so very pretty.

  8. What a wonderful idea! Love this theme, and the table is great.


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