Monday, January 20, 2014

Goals and Menu Week Ending January 26th

Classes and my Bedroom remodel start this week. I am very excited about both. For the next four weeks, there will be hammering, sanding, priming, sewing and painting. Very exciting… however we have a lot of yucky stuff before the pretty stuff. We are moving all the furniture out this week.

My students are always so much more excited about the spring semester than the fall semester. Spring break, summer looming, and every day will be longer and warmer… but we have to get through January and February.

I am working my way through closets and today Goodwill is on my list of stops. In my organization of closets, I have found all the scarves and mittens, Another goal this week is washing kitchen cabinets inside and outside. Everything feels dusty and needs a good scrubbing. I am working my way through all the baseboards!

This menu is both flavorful and easy.


Fontina Cream Pasta
Cesar Salad
Garlic Breadsticks


Club Sandwiches
Sweet Potato Fries


Apple Cheddar Soup with Bacon
Dinner Rolls


Out with family


Grilled Lemon Pork
Roasted Asparagus
Smashed Potatoes with Bacon and Cheese


Chicken Fettucini Verde

Sunday Brunch

Blueberry French Toast
Coffee Bacon
Eggs in Hashbrown Cups
Assorted Fruit

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