Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Goals

 I am not a person who dwells in the past, I am a planner, organizer, goal setter, pull yourself up from the bootstraps, do whatever it takes to get the job done type of person. So I always look forward to the next challenge, the next year and all the possibilities it can bring. My job as a wife and mother is to set the course for the rest to follow.

So a new year offers all types of possibilities of accomplishments I want to achieve.


  • ·         Our bedroom
  • ·         The living room
  •      Get my house organized!!
  •      Tweak the Garage organization

Personal Goals

  • ·         Lose weight, yes again this is on my goals!!
  • ·         Two trips, one with hubby to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and a beach trip with the family
  • ·         A new puppy…. But don’t’ tell the hubby!! I am going to work on him over the next four to five months. Besides, I will be able to tell if he is reading this blog… hahaha!!
  • ·         I want to throw a Big Fourth of July neighborhood block party


  • ·         Reupholster a chair
  • ·         Smock two outfits


  • ·         I am starting an exciting new venture with the family but will have to wait for another day to talk about that idea. 

What are your New Year's Goals?

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