Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Goals and Menu Week Ending November 24th

With Thanksgiving a week and a half away, I have finished most of the baking and have only one side dish to put together. I am going to bake the dish on Thanksgiving but would like to have all the ingredients together. My house is ready for guests, towels are fluffed, beds are clean and house is clean. I will have to clean it once more but I am ready. The table is set but the silver needs to be polished.

For Thanksgiving, I love to put out the serving dishes together and drop a little note in each one with what they will hold. It is a small step but so worth it. I don’t have to run around on Thursday to find the spoon, etc.

Two and a half weeks left of classes and the students are frantically working to finish all their assignments and prepping for exams. I love the end of a semester but the students hate it. I will miss all of them over the holiday but the month of Christmas break will be filled with all the extra projects I need to complete.

Lastly, I want to talk a little about Christmas decorating. I do not decorate Christmas before Thanksgiving. This holiday is sacred to me. As with Sundays, I focus on God, family and good food. It is very sad to me that the stores are open on Thanksgiving. Nothing I need is important enough to leave my family.

I use to enjoy Black Friday morning, getting out early, shushing and slushing with the shoppers. It meant the Christmas season was started but over the last several years, crowds trampling people, pushing and shoving for the last DVD player. I have now turned my back on any shopping except for a trip to Home Depot on Friday morning for $.99 poinsettias. In addition, those store employees have families they are missing.

On Thanksgiving, I will thank God for my blessings and the bountiness of family and friends. No flat screen TV can ever replace those memories.


Apple Cheddar Soup
Garden Salad
Beer Bread


Cobb Salad


Out with family


Peach Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Hasselback Potatoes
Sauteed Green Beans


Slow Cooker Beef Nachoes
Seven Layer Bean Dip
Pork Empanadas

Sunday Brunch

Blueberry Scones
Boursin Scrambled Eggs
Hash Browns
Coffee Bacon

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more, Cynthia. My husband and I are shocked by the number of stores that are opening on Thanksgiving. I read the other day that some stores have tried it in the past and experienced a real backlash as a result. Honestly, is there anything out there worth shopping on Thanksgiving? I don't think so.


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