Friday, August 23, 2013

The New Kitchen Part 4

Today I am showing you the kitchen, a little unfinished but I am so happy with the results, I couldn’t wait to show you. 

The cabinets with the fridge and freezer. I stored all my cake plates above them. I know, I have a lot of cake plates.

Next to the fridge, the cooktop. We need to add a back splash but we aren't done with the tung oil applications, hence the painter's tape to prevent the oil from getting on the wall.

A better look at the run of cabinets. So much counterspace, as someone who lived with half this counterspace for 15 years, I can tell you, I am thrilled with the room to work.

My french drying rack ready for jam making. I have been so far behind this summer. But starting next week, it is on!!

A look at the island with the faucet.

My best deal in the kitchen... A Danze faucet for $115 on Amazon. This substantial faucet is much prettier in person.

The kitchen sink.. We are still working on the cabinet doors but so pretty and useful

My ode to summer... a touch of the beach since we didn't get to the beach... but remodeled a kitchen.

The banquette with the new light. I hate the shades but loved the polished silver and crystal. I plan on replacing the shades with burlap ones for the summer.

The cute dish shelves. I plan on replacing the stools but for now, the shelves look beautiful.


I hoped you enjoyed the tour!!! I am so happy with the kitchen I cannot tell you. Next week, I will do a breakdown of the costs. Since we did most of the work ourselves, it didn't cost as much as you think.

Remember, June first my kitchen looked like this.....


  1. I did miss it! Why didn't you come tell me? :) Just's November and I just realized I missed the reveal.

    Your kitchen is amazing! The beautiful colors, that fabulous refrigerator, the counters..I love it all!


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