Thursday, August 22, 2013

The New Kitchen Part 3

 Well, after 8 weeks of renovation it is time for the new appliances, countertops and the sink to be installed.

One of the most controversial decisions I made in this kitchen was to install a glass door refrigerator. My husband did not want one but you know how much I love to keep the fridge pretty… Well now you can see it.

I bought this freezer three years ago with this plan in mind. But the freezer is shorter than the fridge.. but I have a plan. So no worries. Now I have 16 cubic feet of freezer and 19 cubic feet of refrigerator. 

My son ran gas from the gas fireplace to the new six burner gas cooktop. I have never had gas to cook with but hopefully I won’t burn too many meals before I get use to it.

We also installed a large apron sink… I will show you that installation later.

But for now…. I have already given my two year old grandson a bath in it. Big enough to hold him and the other son to be grandbaby.

For countertops, I chose walnut butcher block. It was fairly easy to install.

The trickiest part was the undermounted sink install. We carefully measured and cut with a circular saw and a jig saw. After tons of sanding, it looks pretty good. Here we are joining the island together.

Mitering the corners. I filled in with walnut wood filler.

Next, I sanded with 150 grit and then 220 grit to create a very smooth surface.

Lastly, after much research, I decided to treat the wood with a combination of pure tung oil and citrus solvent from Real Milk Paint Company. How I applied it is not how everyone applies it but I applied it half and half. It will take as many as 8 applications to ensure it is waterproof. I let it dry 48 hours between applications. Actually, I am going slower than that… I want the wood to absorb the oil thoroughly. This picture is the first application. I can’t wait to show you how it looks now.

It takes 30 days to cure and then it will be non-toxic.

Tomorrow I will show you the kitchen. It is almost complete. I say almost because we have been working on trim for two weeks.


  1. This is so impressive. I'm really jealous of the fridge and freezer combo you chose.

  2. She's a gorgeous Kitchen!!! WHat a delight it will be to use this room.

    Hoping our Kitchen will be completed by Christmas.
    Ours is going at a snail's pace.

    Will celebrate when finished and blog about it!

  3. Wow, it is really coming along and looks amazing so far! I love that you used butcher block counter tops...they look really good.



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