Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The New Kitchen (Part 2)

With the floor finished, we started with the crown molding…

Next, we brought in the cabinets. When I thought of the kitchen, I wanted a white kitchen. But I have 8 windows in this kitchen and the morning light just streams into the room. So I went with an antique white. The cabinets are the color of butter pecan ice cream. It is a much softer color for the brightness of the kitchen.

Setting cabinets take patience… the sink cabinet is in the island. As you see, I am still cooking with the kitchen under construction.

The cooktop cabinet will be next to the refrigerator and freezer. We moved the sink from the window to the island but I kept the old dishwasher there. Yes, Virginia, I have two dishwashers in my new kitchen.

My son-in-law built shelves for the island to hold my dishes. 


With eight windows, I have no upper cabinets. We painted them to match.

I love the openness and the genuine homeyness of the kitchen. I apologize for the pictures, I only ever seemed to have my phone.

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