Monday, July 29, 2013

Goals and Menu Week Ending August 4, 2013

We are in the final stages of kitchen remodel and I admire those people who can remodel all the time... I am exhausted and ready for this to be over. A kitchen remodel is the hardest remodel to go through as a family; no stove, no oven, no sink, no dishwasher and no idea where anything is.... After seven and a half weeks, we are finally on the way to putting the kitchen back together. Countertops are still not here but hopefully, tomorrow.  I will be sharing pictures tomorrow. I hate sharing pictures mid-progress, with sawdust, layers of drywall dust and everything a jumble. But I do want to show you the progress.

This week, the baby shower is scheduled. I have been trying to get the house ready for company, keep up with the garden and help put the finishing touches on the nursery. I am so excited to party and celebrate the baby and my daughter. She is ready for some TLC.... Look at her tack clothing my floor..... her choice, not mine.

Lastly, today marks one month until school starts. I am ready for some TLC myself and have some prep to get ready for the fall and spring semester. But I am declaring one weekend... a holiday weekend before school.... Spa, sleep late, dinner by candlelight, and just a deliciously, lazy weekend... I am thinking August 17 and 18th.... but I will let you know.


Southwest Chicken Quesadillas
With Guacamole

Grilled Salmon with Dill Sauce
Roasted Tiny Yellow Potatoes
Roasted Broccoli Almondine


Potato Salad
Garden Tomatoes with Salt

Pasta Salad
French Baguette with Warm Brie and Apples



Spinach and Bacon Quiche
Iceberg Wedge Salad



Grilled Hamburgers and Hotdogs
Seven Layered Bean Dip
Mexican Grilled Corn

Sunday Brunch
Cinnamon Rolls
Spanish Frittata

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