Monday, July 15, 2013

Goals and Menu Week Ending July 21, 2013

Week Seven of the kitchen remodel is gas and plumbing week. The electricians will put in the final touches and some of the appliances will arrive this week.

The cabinets have arrived and look pretty.  We still have two more weeks but the house is falling back in order.

I have no idea when countertops will arrive but hopefully this week.... 

I am suffering from cooking withdrawal. The original plan was to grill as much as possible but the last three weeks in Tennessee have been rain-filled and I hate cooking under an umbrella and I hate to have hubby cook under an umbrella. I also have to say how much I admire the DIY bloggers. They are able to blog with their homes in turmoil. I am not skilled enough to blog while the house is completely upside down. With the house getting a little order, I am working to blog about the progress.

I have been painting all the trim for the kitchen and you cannot imagine the layers of dust in the house. With all the messy part of construction done, I am scrubbing the house down this week.

The baby shower for my daughter is two weeks away and I am in charge of napkins. So I have thirty napkins to make and can't wait to finish the nursery. We are painting the last piece of furniture for the nursery. She is having new carpet installed and hopefully that will be in this week.

The garden has done wonderfully with all the rain but then so have the weeds. But it will rain all week so I will be weeding between the rain.

Lastly, with the end of the kitchen remodel in sight, I am working on some fun menus, baking, parties and ideas for some delicious foods. The thought of baking and cooking keeps me up at night. I cannot wait to get back into the kitchen.


Southwest Tacos with chicken, black beans and grilled corn


BBQ Pork Sandwich
Potato Salad


Grilled Salmon
Baked Potatoes
Garden Salad with Pecans, cranberries and feta


BLT Croissant with Garden Tomatoes
Garden Cucumber Salad


Grocery Store Rotisserie Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Spinach Gratin



Chef Salad with Homemade Ranch
Grilled Herb Breadsticks

Sunday Brunch


Pecan Waffles
Sunnyside up eggs
Maple Bacon

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