Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Goals this week and Menu Week Ending June 30th

 Last week, we installed the kitchen floor and finally the wall is removed. Half of the floor was already oak hardwood. We connected the new floor to the existing floor and installed the rest. I want to apologize to my neighbor for running the air compressor at midnight one weekend night. Sorry!!

My daughter’s nursery is almost done. We need to paint a piece of furniture and she has ordered the fabric to reupholster a piece of furniture. With dual projects going on at the same time, I am a little overwhelmed. I take my hat off to those DIY bloggers who are able to put up beautiful pictures and document their projects so thoroughly. I will try harder to document these projects better.

Lastly, the garden looks so beautiful. It has been a joy to work in the garden and get away from the chaos of the kitchen. I cannot wait to get back in the kitchen to freeze and can summer’s bounty.

This week’s menu is always mindful of my cooking limitations. 


Chicken Sir Fry
Microwave Rice


Out for dinner with family


Grilled Reubens
Grocery Store Potato Salad


Dinner Rolls

Sunday Brunch


Southwest Omelets
Assorted Doughnuts and Bagels with Cream Cheese

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  1. Your kitchen is a blank slate right now and you are still cooking?! I bow to you.


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