Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My New Kitchen Chairs

Let me introduce you to the newest addition to my kitchen… they are the second thing I have bought for the kitchen we are going to remodel this summer. 


Last month, we went to the Pottery Barn Outlet and lo and behold, the chairs that I had coveted online were sitting there about $70 less expensive. 

Love them but the do need a seat cushion but they are so pretty. They are exactly what I wanted. 


  1. I love your chairs! They go perfectly in your kitchen. I love that tablecloth too!

  2. Hey those are pretty!
    Love the tablecloth and the pillow that goes with it... It is going to look so garden like and cottagey maybe?


  3. Love them. My kiddo goes to a college not far from a PB Outlet so I always pay them a visit too:}

  4. Love! I almost ordered one of those for my desk. I waited too long and they were gone.


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