Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goals and Menu Week Ending May 5th

This week is the busiest week of the year. My college classes are ending and I promised them some of my baked goods. So I have 106 cupcakes to make. But they love them and I am happy to do it. Thank goodness that the semester is coming to a close and next week is finals.
The Gender Reveal Party is on Friday and I have a cake to bake, cupcakes, sugar cookies and some munchies for dinner. Sunday is my son's birthday and he needs his favorite meal with his favorite cake. He is a creature of habit and you cannot change the menu for his birthday or the cake.

I do love being busy but I may need some roller skates for this week. We are also working on the kitchen and nursery so don't forget those projects. The search for the perfect island countertop is still on my list. Fabric for the nursery bassinet is also on my priority list.

This week's menu is all about 



Chicken Picatta
Left over twice baked potatoes
Braised Carrots



Breakfast for dinner
Eggs in a Basket
Country Ham


Out with family


Gender Reveal Party

Saturday - Son's Birthday Dinner


Buffalo Chicken Wings
BBQ Slow Cooked Ribs
Bacon Cheese Fries

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  1. Mmm, your breakfast for dinner sounds yummy. You are so busy! Gives me the heebie jeebies to be so busy. :)


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