Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Cherry Blossom Table

Spring has sprung and I wanted to set a soft sweet table for Sunday Brunch that honors the beauty of the re-birth of my garden, dogwood trees, redbuds, the perennial beds. 

Cherry Blossoms are my favorite tree in the spring. I am always so busy with the end of the semester to fully enjoy the beauty of these trees. I want to take a very French picnic, a blanket and lie under one of these trees and read a book… sheer heaven. But, alas, I am grading homework and prepping finals. 

So back to my brunch table. I start with a pitcher of cherry blossoms.


A very beautiful tablecloth and a simple setting, not a lot of stuff on the table. My kitchen in the morning is filled with sunlight.

But a big stack of some of my favorite dishes. 

The Ikea chargers with the Portmeirion Pink Sophie dishes. I love how they look like they are pottery wheel thrown. 

Cabbage plates topped with the Kate Spade Wickford accent plates. 

I love how all the edges are different but none of them compete with each other.

I added a sweet touch of these beautiful little wreaths under the table. Pink and beads are so pretty. 


Bee glasses….

And one of my favorite flatwares.. Silver Tear. I love the way they feel but they are so pretty. 

These very sweet napkins I sewed for another tablecloth with the World Market rose napkin rings. A perfect combination. 

All in all, the table is not overly fussy but so pretty.

Blackberry French Toast
Herbed Goat Cheese Scrambled Eggs
Breakfast Potatoes


  1. Good morning, Cynthia!!! I hope all is well in your corner of the world!

    You know I'm going to say it...why don't you just take those ol' homework papers under one of those trees and take the sting out of being cooped up grading them indoors? You KNOW it would make that task 1000 times more pleasant. Or maybe you're like me and would be way too distracted and end up giving everybody an A+ just because you feel so great out there surrounded by nature! :-)

    This is a really pretty table, and I LOVE those pink dinner plates! I have been on the hunt for some (affordable!) solid pink plates, and these are really terrific. I like the swirl pattern. I love the petite little wreaths peeking out from beneath your smaller plates. That adds so much to the whole look!

    I sure hope you have a chance to get out and enjoy all the pleasures Mother Nature has brought us this Spring! Tell your students the next class is going to be held outside so that everyone can be inspired to do better! :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful table, CYnthia Soft pink and green, so springy! Like ALycia, I need some pink dinner plates. I keep looking.
    Love the linens too, all so very pretty!
    I absolutely do not miss grading papers and exams, one of the joys of retirement after 33 yrs of it! :)

  3. Beautiful and I absolutely LOVE the flatware!!

  4. This one just plain delights my heart. I am a pink freak myself, and as I was looking at this table, I realized that I didn't have a single dish in that pale, springy, pink hue. I love it and the linens that you paired with it. Just really lovely!

  5. Very pretty table...beautiful tablecloth!

  6. Love your stack of plates with the different colors and textures! My favorite is the flowered tablecloth with the pitcher of cherry blossoms. The spring colors on the flower wreaths are perfect with the pink polka dot napkins and flower embossed napkin rings. Take your paper work outside and hopeful enjoy the weather! I was a teacher but "retired" , LoL, before my son came along. I remember how much work there was at the end of the year! Lovely Tablescape!


  7. I definitely says spring is here and is stunning! I love it!


  8. What a charming table setting.. so cheery! The many different textures from the plates to your flatware to the bee glasses (I love those, too!). But you know what also caught my eye? Your tablecloth which looks vintage. Beautiful textile! And do I see a bench that you use for seating? So charming!!

  9. This is one gorgeous table Cynthia!
    I love, love the roses and pinks.
    Those pink plates, oh my.
    And the pretty napkins.
    But my favorite part is the centerpiece, wow, love, love the cherry blossoms!


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