Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Tulip and Cabbage Table

Okay, I give up. It’s March and I am calling it spring despite the date. Besides, the college students have Spring Break this week, which gives me a chance to breathe, catch up and spend the week in the garden.
So I decided to have the girls over for lunch and whipped out my favorite floral tablecloth. 


My favorite type of vase, a big bowl of tulips anchored in the cabbage bowl with an antique frog.

I love to look at the stacked plates.


Start with my every day Mikasa French Country dishes...

And a cabbage salad plate... Love anything cabbage, I even brought cabbage plates home from Paris when we visited.

Top with these soft yellow accent plates, love the color.

Cabbage bowls for a pretty strawberry soup. Small but I have a wonderful menu and the first course should be small.

I love the back lit table centerpiece. 

Green flatware, a real bargain at $17 at TJ Maxx

Green stemware, another bargain at Target several years ago.

My very fun yellow April Cornell napkin rings. I love these and think I may use them as a pattern for any number of cloth napkin rings. 

 A yellow tea pot for after dinner coffee.


Yellow Basket ready for dinner rolls. 

Super cute cabbage salt and pepper shakers

Non matching mugs and cups. Both Mikasa but they look pretty on the table. 


This table, set up for several days, made me smile every time I looked at it. Spring has sprung, at least on my table scape. 

The boys helped me set the table and take pictures. 

Get yourself a bowl of tulips and make yourself dream of warmer days.




Strawberry Soup
Garden Salad with edible Pansies in a lemon vinaigrette
Teriyaki Pork Roast
Hasselback Potatoes

Strawberry Shortbread Cupcakes


  1. I thought of you as I shopped for table cloths this past week. I bought nothing. I just don't have the ability to spot things the way you do.

  2. Pretty pretty table. I love the AC tablecloth and napkin rings!! Have the happiest St. Patrick's day with many blessings coming your way! xo marlis

  3. Beautiful pictures. Spring is here!

  4. Hey there, Cynthia!!!! This is the ultimate in femininity!!! I love the pink tulips!!! Pink with yellow always has such a soft, ethereal look...I love it! I have those same plates, but I've never seen the little bowls. They are so cute! Just the right size for a starter soup! Your napkin, so pretty!!! Don't worry about what the calendar says. Like age, it's just a number! :-) Besides, it has been meteorological Spring for a couple of weeks now, so you're good! (I just sounded like a "Big Bang Theory" nerd, didn't I?) :-) Have a great weekend!

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  6. I meant to say, lovely spring table, and I love the tulips. Your menu sounds delicious, especially the strawberry soup.

  7. Beautiful table. YOu did such a good job decorating for Easter. Love all of it.


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