Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Baby Sweater

 I forgot to show you the sweater vest I knitted for the baby.

The pattern was out of the tenth little Sublime hand knit book and the yarn is cashmere.

He looks so dapper....

The vest was easy, the front was a little tricky but the pattern is very cute.

I love knitting baby sweaters, they are small and don't take forever.

Hope you like the sweater... I need to go kiss that baby's face!!!


  1. He's a beautiful little boy!

  2. You knit too?? Oh my goodness, Stacey was right. You are most definitely a woman of many talents! Oh, and your grandson is adorable too! :)


  3. Hi, Cynthia! I'm visiting from Stacey's blog. Your grandson is precious, the sweater is beautiful...he looks great in red! I can't wait to have a better look around your blog. I loved seeing the pictures of your gorgeous kitchen and garden!


  4. Hi Cynthia. I am visiting you from Stacey's blog as well. That little vest is fabulous and of course your grandson is a doll. So nice to meet you!

  5. Hi Cynthia. Another visitor from Stacey's blog. What a sweet little grandboy you have and that vest turned out adorable. I am loving the projects in your side bar and can't wait to take a closer look. I am your newest follower. Patty


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