Thursday, February 07, 2013

Our Super Bowl Party

I should have posted this last week but thought I would share with you our fun party.

Start with a pretty football vase filled with flowers, doesn’t every girl need a football vase?

So the boys love football, I love football dishes….

Football bowls…

Football salt and pepper shakers

A touchdown tray….

Football brownies

Football accents…

We had sliders, how pretty on a football platter.

They helped with all the food,

 And helped eat the food, such handsome helpers.


Chicken Tortilla Soup
Cheeseburger Sliders
Chili with Corn Bread ( I will post about them tomorrow)
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Potato Skins

Football Brownies

I hope you enjoy the table, we didn’t have a preference for either team but love good food.


  1. Looks wonderful. You always serve things in such a pretty way. :)

  2. The food is a tasty display of all the gooies for a Super Bowl celebreation. I love the guys and their cute faces! The football vase of flowers is so pretty but also perfect for this tablescape. It seems you had a wonderful time for your tablescape and pictures certainly show it!


  3. Love all of your dishes - perfect for the big day. The food looks really good - I know you all had a great day!

  4. Go, girl! This is really great! Yes, every girl DOES need a football vase! I need to get one! I love football, and a football vase would be fun to have around here! Your food looks fantastic! Now I'm craving buffalo wings! I have never made potato skins from scratch. Gotta remember that for the future. SO cute to see such a manly man unafraid to sport a toile apron! That's really quite appealing! Have a great weekend!

  5. Looks like game day was celebrated well at your house! Love all your football dishes...such fun (even if your team loses!)

  6. Wow, I want to be at your house next year for Super Bowl! I am waiting to see how you did the the presentation. I love the football vase.


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