Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goals and Menu Week Ending February 24th

 We are planning a full summer remodel this summer but that does not stop the spring cleaning my kitchen needs. Every cabinet could use a good scrubbing inside and out. The dishes are a little out of order and the pantry could use some love. This week, I am tackling the kitchen.

Spring arriving always inspires some new tweaking in the house. Ever since Christmas, I do not feel like I have gotten the house back to where it was before the holidays. Let's just stay the housed could use a good fluffing!!!!

The weather is progressively getting better and slowly I am cleaning outside. My spring break will be spent outside cleaning, weeding and generally tweaking the yard.

Menu Week Ending February 24rd 



Beef Tostados



Tuna Melt
Homemade Potato Chips


Out for dinner with the family


Pizza Margherita


White Chicken Chili
Garden Salad

Sunday Brunch

Open Faced Ham, Asparagus and Egg Sandwich with Hollandaise
Lemon Bars


  1. That pizza looks delish. I had a pizza on flatbread this past weekend and it was to die for. Yummo.

    I wish I could get outside and weed and clean, however, it is soooooo muddy here no such thing will be happening or I may be lost forever in the depths of brown!

  2. Mmmmmm Everything looks gorgeous, especially the Tostada, but I do have a soft spot for Mexican food! Have a great rest of your week xx


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