Thursday, January 24, 2013

White Snow and Cardinals

January is such a hard month to be excited about decorating or setting fun tables. Spring is so easy to come up with ideas but January.... not fun. That being said, I love cardinals. So springing off that idea, I decided to do a red and white table with snow. But I had no cardinal plates so how do you create a table without the stars? So I added some little cardinals to the party but not on the plate.

Now in East Tennessee, January can be 70, like two Sundays ago or it can be cold and snowy. So with this January being warm, I thought the family could use some snow, if only on the table. 

Start with a stark white tablecloth.
My trusty Ikea chargers....

Red dinner plates along with the little crock pots add the punch of color, like a little cardinal on a snowy day. The Mikasa French Countryside salad plates break up the red and make the table look very sophisticated.

Red flatware. I am always looking for a reason to use the red flatware.

Red napkins with painted white snowflake napkin rings. These napkin rings were tin but painted they look so much prettier. 

Pine cone trees found at 90 percent off touched with snow. Even if I take the pine cones off the tree, it would still be a bargain. 

Cardinals over looking the table.

The cutest cardinal and birdbath salt and pepper shakers. They were a great find.


My new Target faux bois mercury cake plate. Another great find at 70 percent off. The little cardinal sits atop the last of the holiday sprigs.

I hope you enjoy my winter table. Thank you for visiting.


Stuffed Pork Chops
Sauteed Apples with Cinnamon
Spinach Maria
Garden Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

A red velvet cake with coconut for snow.



  1. Very pretty! I have a cardinal or two that make an occasional appearance in our back yard and they are so special! Your red & white winter table is a great background for them. I love the salt shaker perched on the candlestick!

  2. Lovely table...The cardinals are adorable on the table. What is Spinach Maria? I love spinach!

  3. Love this table.. the white base makes it seem snowy and the red warms the heart. The cardinals make such a cute accent. xo marlis

  4. This is the perfect solution for the winter and white! Your cardinal accents are perfect with your pretty stack of red and white plates on the snowy tablecloth.

  5. The closeups of the cardinals are beautiful pictures! Your table is cheery isntead of icy--that's VERY nice in my book! :) Will you be sharing your spinach recipe? Your menu sounds great, and the cake...beautiful and delicious looking! I love cardinals too! ~Zuni

  6. What time is dinner??? I'll be there with bells on. Your table is so beautiful, but I would love to be a guest for that meal!

  7. Very pretty reds. I love the cardinals.

  8. My mother loved cardinals and there were lots of them in her house. Now I wish I knew where they went to, because I could have copied your lovely tablescape in her honor. Note to self -- you never know where you can use the "stuff" that everyone else wants to get rid of. Lovely post!

    1. Jeannie, thank you so much for your kind words. Your welcome to borrow any of my little cardinals in honor of your mother.


  9. Your tablescape is very pretty. Just enough sparkle, snow, and touches of red. The cardinal salt and pepper shakers are so cute, as are your other cardinals. I love seeing cardinals in January (real live ones or the types you had on your table). They are so cheerful. Yesterday when my little dog went out, there were four cardinals tweeting at him from the tree. Three males and one female. The males were such a bright red. They would have been perfect for your table.
    Your menu sounds delicious, too!


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