Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Office Reveal

Several months ago, I was going to reveal the office but wanted to wait until I had it more complete.

So here is the office....

The MarthaStewart craft tables from Home Decorators, covered with glass. These tables are great to cut large pieces of fabric, put together floral arrangements, paint items or wrap presents. The large work space is essential. 

My brown paper roll is used for painting projects, wrapped some presents, and mailed packages.

A long table set up with the serger, embroidery machine and sewing machine, ready for work.

I have a comfortable chair for the hubby and a fireplace for the cold winter days.

The Martha Stewart Wrap station, filled with food wrapping, gift wrapping, ribbon and labels.

My big crown and stools for any helpers around the table.

Ribbon board and cork boards for all the current sewing projects. 

My writing space. Book shelves filled with all the reference books I need. 


All the magazines organized with Ikea linen magazine holders

The lady of the room... She holds ribbon, pins, etc.

My daughter's cross-eyed cat!! He likes to sit in the office where he can keep an eye on me.


  1. This room is wonderful. You've thought of everything. I have to give you a big HOORAH! for the hubby chair! Really?! Does he sit there while you wrap and craft and sew? I don't know if my hubby would or not. I haven't put a chair in my craft space for him. Maybe I should. Maybe he'd sit in there and keep me company. But then again... he always has something to say about my work--so maybe I won't. ( I don't do well with even the most constructive criticism) :)
    I do envy that room, though. Pat

  2. Beautiful and I'm jealous! That room is amazing. Women dream of having spaces like that.


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