Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nutcrackers and Pom-Poms

How do Nutcrackers and Pom-Poms go together, you ask? Well it all started with this innocent tree.

Pretty huh?
I became obsessed with the idea of a tablecloth that matched this tree. Weird… but true.

Well, here is the results….


So fun and talk about texture.

Add a tray of nutcrackers

And red ornaments to replicate the pom-poms.

Nutcracker place cards… a 75% find at Target last year.

Nutcracker accent plates, another inexpensive find, on top of the red and green plaid salad plates.


Each plate has a different nutcracker.

I love the different shapes together... so much interest. Not that I needed it with the tablecloth. 


Lovely napkin ring with a similar shade of green napkins.

Cake plates ready for Nutcracker cupcakes.

A fun table before our trip to the Nutcracker Ballet this weekend.



  1. Hi Cynthia! Your table cloth is a show-stopper! I absolutely love it. The nut cracker theme is adorable. Reminds me to head out after Christmas this year to get things on sale.

  2. LOVE IT! Wish I had spotted those place card holders last year!

    Next year Elise will dance in the ballet for the first time, so we are collecting Nutcracker and ballet ornaments. We did make a wreath from an old tutu and put a big Clara doll in the center, but that's as far as we've gotten this year!

  3. "A fun table before our trip to the..." what?!??!?!!! Inquiring minds want to know! You left us hanging!!! :-) CUTE tablecloth! I love the pom-poms! They work great with the nutcrackers! Bringing the pom-poms up above the table surface in the form of that tree really broadens the textural component literally AND figuratively. For a moment there, I thought you had sewn a pom-pom to the tip of the napkin, too! CUTE nutcrackers plates, and I love the plaid dessert plates, too. They remind me of ribbon candy! Really, really cute, Cynthia, and I know it must have taken awhile to sew all those pom-poms on. Great job! Have a terrific weekend, and rest those fingers! :-)

  4. Nutcrackers are a wonderful theme for this time of year. I love the nutcracker snack plates. The stack of plaid plates are so pretty and coordinate so well with your tablescape. Very fun table! Pam

  5. What a great table to set before you got to the ballet. Such a fun table. Love yuour plaid plates and the nutcracker square salad plates, and the Pom-Poms add a fun and whimsical look to this table. Joni

  6. I love how cute that tablecloth is.. fits the tree perfectly. Your nutcrackers are fabulous specimens. Great table.. xo marlis

  7. That pom pom table cloth put a smile on my face!! This blog is absolutely gorgeous! So glad I found you!!

  8. Such a darling tablescape! I wish I would've done that the other day when I took my granddaughter to the Nutcracker! I love your tablecloth with the Pom cute! Those nutcracker plates are to die for!

  9. Cute the tartan plates.

  10. GREAT idea. I have to have a pom-pom tablecloth. At first I thought, "This is so cute for a child's party." Then I thought, "Shoot! I'd like to sit there. Anyone would enjoy this table."

  11. Adorable! Love the plaid plates!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!


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