Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Baby Mini-Crib

  When we found out that we had a grandbaby, I bought a pack and play for the baby to visit. Well, as much as I loved the baby staying with us, I hated the pack and play. It seemed an uncomfortable place for the baby to sleep. And as this was our first of hopefully many grandbabies, I decided to spend a little extra money and purchase a mini-crib. Exactly the same size as the pack and play but a piece of furniture with a substantial mattress.

Now as the grandmother, I do not want to set up a nursery but tucked this crib in the guest room closest to us.  But the bedding had to match the room.

So I designed the bedding.... besides, I had made all my children's nursery bedding. Nursery bedding is very juvenile and I love a more sophisticated crib.

Found fabric to match the room...

And made the blanket and pillow. 

And the bumper pad

The other side of the comforter is striped for a boy.... 

Look how well it matches the room. 

I still have a dust ruffle to make but it looks so pretty in the room. And much more comfortable than a pack and play.

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