Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homecoming Corsages

As you know, we are a big SEC college football fans. With three schools in our family, we spend weekends either driving to games or flipping channels. With homecoming approaching, I wanted to make something special and unique for the football games. After seeing these corsages at Southern Living, I decided to try to make them but wanted to add my own twist.
You will need three school color ribbons. I used grosgrain but you could use paper ribbon, satin or whatever ribbon you prefer. 

Cut four strips of each ribbon color 14 inches long. 

Next fold the ribbon in half and fan the four ribbons of the same color and add a stitch or two to secure them. You can also just put in a staple to secure it.
Now stack the three ribbon colors on top of each other.
Trim the bottom of the ribbon to allow all the ribbon to show. 

I stitched through the three layers of ribbons to secure. It was a little slow because of the ribbon thickness. 

Now Southern living added a live flower corsage but I decided to make a felt flower. 

 Cut the felt into 12, 1 ¾ inch squares, cut 10, 1 ½ inch squares and 7, 1 inch squares, a total of 7. 

Trim the felt squares to resemble petals, leave one large and medium felt square for later.  You will also need a 2 inch round felt circle. 

Carefully fold over the petals and stitch with three stitches onto the circle.
Keep adding petals until you have 11 of them on the circle.

For the next set of petals, stitch 9 of them with the same technique as you did in the previous step.
Add the last 7 of the smallest petals… 

Take the largest and medium square and cut into a circle.
Next cut the circles. 

Sew the largest circle onto the middle of the flower. 

Sew the medium circle last… 

Attach the flower to the ribbon corsage. 

Now we are ready for game day. Use a corsage pin to attach to your lapel. I hope to get better pictures today. We have had the cloudiest skies and I could not get the pictures done.

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  1. Hi first off your blog and talents are amazing. I am contacting you to see if you still offer sewing lessons. I would love to take some. Thanks for your time and all that you do and share.



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