Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Thanksgiving Planning #1 - Or Motivational Monday a Day Late

The holiday season officially kicks off in seven weeks and two days. Thanksgiving in all its glory is coming. And while the holiday season is wonderful, it can be very stressful. I love the holidays so much that I spend these seven weeks preparing so my holidays are less stressful. So how do I get ready for holidays?

After a summer spent outside, it is time to turn indoors. My home gets a thorough cleaning in October. Baseboards and windows get a going over. Each room gets a good vacuuming. I go through each room with a bucket and sponge to make sure every fingerprint or spot gets cleaned off. I will be calling the carpet cleaners today to set up a time.

As you know, we deliver cookies to the elderly of our church during the holidays. I spend October putting cookie dough together and freezing. So this week, I am pouring over cookbooks to decide the cookie baking list. The favorite cookies are already on the list but I love to add two or three new cookies on the baking list. Then the week of Christmas, I can pull the dough out to defrost and bake the cookies with no stress.

Lastly, I start thinking about the guests. How many? When are they visiting? What am I going to do with them, ballet? craft shows?

The holidays are coming whether you prepare or don't but wouldn't it be wonderful to be prepared. What are you doing to get ready for the holidays? 

So here is your homework for this week:

1. Walk through your home with a paper and pen. What needs to be addressed? Cleaned? Do you need a piece of furniture? My upholster knows it is fall when I call because I always have one piece that needs to be addressed.

2. What holiday baking are you doing? Pull your recipes together.

3. Start thinking about your guests. Pull out your calendar and mark off the days they may be visiting.

Next week, we will start thinking about your Thanksgiving table.

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