Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Long Run Goals and this week's Menu

Once you have a routine established to maintain your home, you will find time for fun or large projects.The last piece of this puzzle is long run goals. These goals can be life changing; like losing weight or they can be large hurdles you have wanted to overcome, such as planning or remodeling a kitchen, a new greenhouse or learning Italian. All of these goals are on my current long run goals.

Most people do not set long run goals. Businesses always set three to five year long rang goals but sadly as individuals, we do not look very far down the road of life. Maybe today, tomorrow or the rest of the week, but not next year or two years from now.

I love long run goals. Those goals transformed our house into a home. I painted every inch of my home's interior. I also have a graduate degree due to long run goals.

New Year's Resolutions are soon forgotten about one week after New Year's. So how do you achieve long run goals.

1.      Your first priority is to think big.... I mean really big. Those are long run goals.
2.      Break long range goals into smaller more manageable goals. If redecorating your home is one of your long run goals, set small goals of rooms you want to paint. If you want to lose 50 pounds, set 5 pound goals.
3.      Set time lines for these small goals.
4.      Post long run goals in a place you can see them. I keep mine on my bathroom mirror.
5.      Have an accountability partner. A blog is a wonderful accountability partner.

September is a funny month.. the end of summer but I always look to the end of the year. We are approximately 16 weeks until the end of the year and it comes fast. So I need to start wrapping up the garden, flower beds and prep for fall planting.

We have lots going on now.... with classes, kids in college, etc. I have a big announcement later today which is very exciting, too. I am helping a bride plan a wedding, writing a book and so many other things too numerous to mention. With that in mind, the menu is so easy and delicious.


Blueberry Dijon Chicken
Baked Potato
Garden Salad


Cobb Salad




Out with the Family


Bacon, Arugula, Peach Tomato Sandwich
Corn Chowder


Breakfast Casserole
Sticky Buns

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